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About Kharadung La

Kharadung la is highest motorable road in the all over world. Kharadung La is very famous for mountain pass and the Kharadung la is located in the Nubra valleys in the Ladakh region of the state of Jammu and Kashmir of Indian country. The world’s highest motorable road and high mountain pass is in the Karakoram range situated north of the leh and Kharadung la is located about 40 kilometers from the leh. The Kharadung la pass built in the year of 1976 and the Kharadung la highest motorable road opened to moter vehicles of public in the year of 1988. The Kharadung la located at an altitude of 17582 feet ( 5359 meter ).

The Kharadung la pass is a very much tourist attractive place people can enjoy many things when they go pass offers fantastic views of the Nubra Valley and the winding up the mountain roads and people can feel clear air and people feeling of being on top of the all world and people can also seen scenic vistas.

History of the Kharadung La Road

About the history of this road during the World War of II there was an attempt to transfer material of War to Chaina through this road. In the area of north of the pass there about 10000 camels and horses used annually to take the route and now also can seen a small population of Bactrian camels at hunter. Because the Kharadung la highest motorable road is lies on the main caravan route from the Leh to Kashgar in the Central Asia, Kharadung la is historically very important.

Timing of the Kharadung La

From the Leh to Kharadung la vehicles allowed only from 9 AM to 1 PM and from Kharadung la to Leh vehicles allowed only from 1 PM to 5 PM. This timing is make for tourists smoother and good traveling through the pass. But due to this type of time it is always right to ask the taxi driver or the local people.

Best Time to Visit in Kharadung La

The best and great time to visit in Kharadung la is April to June and September to October these tow time are the very awesome time to visit in Kharadung la. Because during the season of April to June sun shines is bright and the tempratures of day time keeps warm. And there is a kind of cold set in Khardang La during September to October.

The Khardung La often closes down due to excessive snowfall or rains After October.

How to reach Kharadung La

By Road

By road Kharadung la is well connected to leh. From the Leh to Kharadung la is about 24 kelometers till the south Pullu chech post. From Leh to Kharadung la is can take time arround 1 hour to reach by road. There tourist can take taxi, bus or persnol vehicles for visit Kharadung la.

By Train

By train we can take a train to Jammu Tawi Railway station. After that you can travel by road. You can take train to Srinagar Railway Station, Alternatively and reach to srinagar you can use via leh highway. The only one route to Khurdung La is Leh.

By Air

By Air we can fly to the Leh Kushok Bakula Rimpochee Airport. Which is well connected to major cities Delhi, Jammu and Srinagar. As per the weather, the timing of air flights changes. That’s why for tourists it is necessary that they keep their plans fixed in advance.

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