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About Kufri Zoo

The Kufri Zoo is situated at small hill station at Shimla Himachal Pradesh state of Indian country. The Kufri zoo is about 13 kilometers from Shimla city. And the Kufri zoo is rich in Himalayan flora and fauna. The Kufri Zoo is also very famous zoo in all over the world. And the Kufri zoo is also very visitable place because of unparallel natural beauty of this place.

The Kufri zoo is a wildlife zoo in a small hilly area and the Kufri zoo covers thousannds of squre feet of area. The Kufri zoo is surrounded by the favorite natural beauty place. For all the tourists who come here snow – clad mountain and blue sky made the entire surrounding captivating during the winters. The Kufri zoo was located to make tourists aware of Himalayan wildlife and we will also get a chance to see the endangered beast species that have been preserved by the zoo.

Kufri zoo well designed pathways and protection for beasts. Tourists make this Kufri zoo place an idal destination to visit with own family. For nature lover and wildlife lover Kufri Zoo is like a paradise. The forest of this Kufri zoo has Deodar, Oak, Fir, Blue Pine, Speuce trees and holly and much more harbs are also found in Kufri zoo in Shimla Himachal Pradesh state of Indian Country.

Major Attraction of Kufri Zoo

The Kufri Zoo is a wilflife zoo and there are many attraction things available like species of deer, bear, snow leopard, birds and himalayan monal bird, patient kites and pheasants available. The kufri zoo is 13 kilometers away from Shimla and the zoo is surrounded by fresh air to breath because of natural beauty enviroment.

Major attraction of Kufri zoo is many animal species that are rarely in forests and indanger are also here to get see.

For these all reasons the Kufri Zoo is the one of the most famous and visitable attractive place in Capital of Himahcal Pradesh state of India beautiful Shimla and also the Kufri Zoo is very much crowd on huge numbours of tourist visiting destination.

Best time to visit in Kufri Zoo

The best time to visit this beautiful zoo Kufri zoo most preferred time to visit here is in the month of April to June during the summers.

Timing of Kufri zoo is from 10am to 6pm and open all days of the week. Entry fees for indians is 25rs and extra applicable for camera and other things that anyone want to use in zoo.

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