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About Tara Devi Temple

The Tara Devi Temple is the popular place in Shimla and it is around 12 kilometers from Shimla. Tara Devi temple is surrounded by green enviroment and it is located on the peak of a hill. History of this temple is around 250 years ago. Hinduism and Buddhism both the religions believe in Goddess Tara. Goddess Tara is also known as the Goddess of protection. The temple is located near Kalka – Shimla National Highway.

History of Goddess

According to the history when there was fight between Devas and Asuras with the churning of the ocean for Amrit. During this God Shiva drank the poison which was created during the churning of the ocean and after this god shiva is also named as Nilkanth. God shiva drank the posion to save the world from destruction but he unconscious from the posion powerfull effect. Then goddess Durga takes an descent as Maa Tara Devi and breastfeed lord Shiva to save her life from the posion and then he recovers. For this Maa Tara named as the Goddess of Protection.

History of Tara Devi Temple

The temple was built 2 centuries ago. The temple has brought it’s idol from Bengal. Many years ago Sen Dyansty of Bangal come to this place. When Raja Bhupendra sen of Sen Dynasty goes for hunting in Jungles near the temple. And when he was taking rest under a tree he Dreams about Goddess Tara. Maa Tara gives him wish to give darshan to the peoples of the locality after this Bhupendra sen donated 50 acres of land to the people of the area for the constructed of New temple. After the new temple was constructed Maa Tara takes place there. The idol of Maa Tara Devi made of wood. After the years another king of same dynasty Raja Balbir sen got Maa Tara darshan in dreams. Then she wished to be mounted her idol on the Parvat named as Tara Parvat. So the priests of Raja Balbir sen made an idol of 8 matals of Maa Tara Devi. At place Junga the idol was made by an artisan and carried by an elephant named Shankar to the Parvat. In 1825 idol installed at Tara Parwat.

Tara Devi Temple Festival

During Navratri a festival celebrated on this occasion the people of Sen Dyansty worship family Goddess Maa Tara. Many dances and activieties held during the festival and wrestling competitons is also best thing to see during the fair.

For these all reason the beautiful temple of Maa Tara Devi is most famous and attractive place in Shimla Himachal Pradesh state of India. And the huge numbers of visitors also come to see temple of Tara Devi.

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